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tldr; Station is building the operating system for SaaS, basically we are not only building a web browser, but more than that. We were elected #1 product of 2017 on Product Hunt. We are a team of 6 based in Paris, we just came back from 3 months in San Francisco attending YCombinator (W18) and we are backed by top tier investors from Silicon Valley. Station is an atypical project from a product perspective, you might love it if you like the challenge. We are looking for a our first Product Designer experienced in UI/UX to join the team.

Has anyone ever offered you to build a better web browser from the ground up? Well here it is!

The story behind Station

The idea of Station started with the frustrations we all face using the #1 work application: the web browser. The 50+ tabs mixing up in a cluttered interface and the interminable search for a piece of information among 20+ SaaS applications were the triggers for Station. Our work deserves better!

We started from a blank page and, brick after brick, we’ve built Station: a working environment directly inspired by today’s new ways of working.

You can read more about the motivations behind Station hereAnd if you aren’t already a user of Station, you can get your own idea about Station on we are craving for feedbacks.

We've built a rock solid team for that. Today, we are 6:

  • Mathieu, Joel, Hugo and Alexandre are rocking the most technical aspects of the product
  • Georges and Julien are making the business grow like crazy

Our users are delighted:

  • we went from 10 to 8000+ users using Station every day at work (5 hours per day on average)
  • we are now #1 product of the year 2017 on Product Hunt
  • we’ve built a community of users with whom we work, day in day out, on the evolution of the product.

That’s very rewarding from a builder point-of-view!

Our mission, your next mission

We envision Station as an operating system for SaaS applications. It means that we want to push the interface experience further for our users, integrate perfectly with every SaaS application, open the platform to developers, help companies manage their stack of SaaS applications, etc.

Our goal is to put Station in the hands of the 10+ million working people around the world!

On the product side, Station is very interesting because, for once, you get the chance to define the playground in which other applications will evolve — and not the opposite.

The next challenges from a product design perspective include:

  • Work with the engineering team on the UI of coming features
  • Push a creative and "think-outside-the-box" mindset in the team to solve UX problems we are facing
  • Identify and solve experience hitches and improvements in the user experience (people are spending 5 hours per day in average in Station: every hitch can become a real pain)
  • Challenge and enhance the visual identity of Station at every level: from the product to the product-marketing
  • Ability to design beautiful views respecting a graphical identity and taking interactions into account — with Sketch, or equivalent
  • Confident talking with users to understand the challenges they face
  • Skills in CSS is a plus, not a requirement
  • Come with your own ideas and opinions, and challenge others
  • Min 1 - 2 years of experience in UX/UI design
  • A fulfilling, challenging work experience building a new web browser from scratch! 🚀
  • Competitive salary and equity ✨
  • A paid retreat to Silicon Valley this year and off sites across Europe! 🇺🇸
  • Access to the YCombinator network in the US 💪
  • Last generation Mac laptop 💻
  • Lunchr card for food 🍜