UX/UI Designer Alternance - Digital Identity Autre

Paris (Télétravail possible) (voir sur une carte)
Gravity (www.gravity.earth) provides a platform which allows individuals and small businesses to bring together verifiable data about themselves in a blockchain digital wallet and build trusted digital identities that are private, portable and persistent. They can then share certain attributes with organisations to access services such as humanitarian aid, finance, and education. This paves the way for their long term economic inclusion.

We work with financial services in Sub-Sahara Africa to help small business access more affordable credit, and with major humanitarian organisation to improve the efficiency and privacy of humanitarian aid delivery.

We are looking for a UX/UI designer to help us better understand our users needs and limitations and translate those findings into easy to understand interfaces and flows for handover to our development team. Gravity is used by a variety of user groups, e.g. Beneficiaries of humanitarian aid or small business owners in Sub-Sarahan Africa so you'll need to adapt to different contexts on a daily basis.

You will be part of a young international team split between Nairobi and Paris and become the champion and the voice of our users. We are a team with complementary profiles and we are always learning from each other.

Your responsibilities:

- Create an intuitive user experience
- Participate in and contribute to all steps of the design process
- Communicate design goals and specifications to the engineering team
- Develop wireframes, prototypes and pixel-perfect mockups around customer needs
- Facilitate the ideation and coordination of user interviews and other research methods
- Build & maintain a design system that outlines style, branding, components, layouts, and best practices

About yourself:

This is for a "contrat d'apprentissage" (not a "contrat de professionnalisation").

Most importantly, we are looking for a team member with the ambition and curiosity to base their solution design on empathy and user research instead of pre-existing hypotheses. This requires an open mind and a willingness to constantly learn and re-learn. As well as being comfortable with asking for feedback on your work in its very early stages, and often, to ensure you're always working towards the most suitable solution.

Ideally, you should have two years of proven experience of designing digital interfaces and be very comfortable with the common set of tools (Figma, Sketch, Zeplin, InVision).

- Proof of experience as a UX/UI Designer, Product Designer, Interaction Designer, or similar UX related role for digital products in an agile environment
- Proven experience in the end-to-end delivery of projects from ideation, discovery to production
- Experience in working in a collaborative and cross-functional environment
- Ability to set goals and work independently according to the objectives
- Knowledge of HTML/CSS; JavaScript is a plus
- Strong portfolio of design projects
- Excellent communication skills